Maureen Borland

Author and researcher

Maureen Borland has lived in Ayrshire with her husband and sons for most of her life.

The books she writes are rooted in her love of Scotland and her interest in Scottish history and Scots families.

She has a strong interest in Scottish politics, and a passionate love of horseracing. (See below!)

Maureen was born in Sidcup, Kent, the youngest daughter of Robert and Ada Maggs. She moved to Scotland in 1964. In the late '60s and '70s she worked in advertising, as an Associate Director for Charles Barker (Scotland) Limited, and as Head of Recruitment for Struthers Advertising.

Her most recent book is The Allan Family: Scottish / Canadian Shipowners (2013), a history of the Allan family of Scotland and Canada, founders of the great Allan Steamship Line.

She began her writing career by researching the first biographies ever published of Robert Ross (1869-1918), the foul-weather friend who stayed loyal to Oscar Wilde after his trials and imprisonment (Wilde's Devoted Friend, 1990), and of Dugald MacColl (1859-1948), Keeper of the Tate Gallery and campaigner for the recognition of the genius of Rodin, Rothenstein, John and the French Impressionists (D.S. MacColl, 1995).

Her third book, Shared Lives (2006), and her most recent, The Allan Family, are studies in family history, focusing on the key players in some of the most intriguing and important commercial family businesses of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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